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Lisa and her son Ryan

Like most new moms, Lisa had been up night after night changing her newborn son’s diaper. She was so exhausted she could barely function, let alone match up the tiny snaps on her baby’s pajamas.

Frustrated by endless missnapping and resnapping, Lisa found zippered pajamas, and thought her problems had been solved. That night when she unzipped her son’s pajamas, he started to cry from the shock of the freezing cold air. Although less time consuming, Lisa hated that she had to expose her baby’s entire body with the zipper. She felt her baby’s comfort should come first and yearned for the perfect footed pajama, that was both soft and cozy for baby Ryan and hassle free for mommy.

After endless research, Lisa realized there was nothing on the market that could be the solution to her problem. So, that night while feeding her son she thought of “Zippyz”. Zippyz™ are a patented footed pajama with 3 snaps on the chest and a zipper from foot to belly. Finally, a solution suitable for baby AND mommy!!! After explaining it to her best friend a few weeks later, she convinced Lisa to get off the couch and DO IT! Erica gave Lisa the push she needed to help make this innovative idea a reality. Lisa and Erica decided to partner up and make the diaper changing world a better place for all new parents!

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