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Bath Time Safety

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bath time safetyFor some babies, bath time is a lot of fun. For others, it’s a miserable experience. Hopefully your baby doesn’t mind the experience. Regardless of how your baby takes it, it’s always important to put safety first. Here are some bath time safety tips for parents.

1. Baby proof the bathroom. If you wash your child in the same bath you use, make sure all free-standing objects are put away. Take down the bottles of shampoos and conditioners so they don’t fall into the tub. Set aside anything affixed to the walls that you might fall into the water. You’ll also want to lock down the toilet seat, unplug any electrical devices and add bath mats outside and inside the tub so everyone has solid footing.

2. Keep the room warm. Babies lose their body heat faster than adults. Make sure the bathing room is warmer than usual and have plenty of towels nearby to wrap your child the moment the bath is over. Fill the tub before setting your baby inside. You don’t want to let the water run while your baby is in the tub, because the temperature could change without you realizing.

3. Be careful around the gentle parts. While cleaning, mind your baby’s eyes, nose, ears, and diaper areas. These are fragile areas with delicate skin. Use a soft cloth and mild soap to clean, but never scrub. If the umbilical stump is still attached, avoid baths until it has fallen off.4

4. Sit away from faucets. Many bumps and bruises have happened because baby was too close to the faucet. All it takes is a little slide to bang into the hard steel fixture.

5. Don’t rely on baby seats. Bath seats are helpful tools to keep your baby positioned while you clean and he or she plays, but you should never rely on them. It’s still possible for baby to fall over while sitting in one of these seats, and they can even make it difficult for baby to right themselves if they do fall. Never take your eyes off your child in the tub.

6. Be mindful of the products you use. Most bath products are made for adults. You’ll need to make sure everything you use to clean your baby is designed for fragile baby skin. Read labels carefully. Unless your baby is exceptionally dirty, water usually does the trick. Rinse thoroughly so no products are left behind.

7. Keep a solid grip. If your baby is very young, you’ll have to entirely support him or her in the tub. First, make sure your footing is sure outside the tub. Hold your baby in the water with your hand under his or her bottom and head in the crook of your arm. Always lower baby into the water feet first so you can judge if he or she is in pain.

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